Chickens' Choice
Suppliers of true Pastured eggs

Leanne and Mathew are suppliers of true pastured free range chicken and duck eggs,

(ACCC has releaesed new guidelines on 6th February 2018)

Situated on Baba'mirri Wanga farm just out of Ballarat in Victoria where they strive to supply only the freshest of pastured eggs.

Chickens’ Choice manage their farm under the guidance of the “pastured free range system” of farming.

In mobile caravans all hens are moved from paddock to paddock as the need arises. Their hens are free to roam outside during the day and forage amongst natural vegetation under the watchful eye of their guardian Alpacas and Ziggy and Roy, a pair of Maremma Sheepdog, plus a newcomer to the team, Zena.

The first of their Lowline Angus girls have arrived, Hazel, Maize, Justine and Miranda. These girls will soon be working side by side with the hens.

Orders can be placed now for pastured chicken eggs and duck eggs. 

For more information and to place orders please contact us on 0447 194 050 or 0403 436 734 or just click here to email us your enquiry.